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la-croix-internationalLa Croix, the French catholic daily newspaper, to expand its reach with the launch of its English language website: LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL


Founded in 1883 in France, La Croix is the major daily catholic newspaper of reference for current events. Through its website and its daily editions, La Croix provides enlightened insight into the world, politics, the economy, culture and religious matters.

Printed by Bayard, a unique French media group, the La Croix staff is genuinely independent, thanks to its single shareholder: the congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption.

Today, LA CROIX expands its reach with the launch of its new website, LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL.

This new website contains a selection of daily articles and briefings from La Croix, in English.

The ambition of LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL is to bring English language audiences in Asia, in the Pacific and in English-speaking Africa, as well as English-speaking countries worldwide, in-depth articles with quality reporting on the major issues of the day through the insights and outlook of a major catholic newspaper of reference.

Partnerships have been established with UCAN News, an independent catholic news agency based in Asia. LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL will therefore carry articles on current events in Asia from UCAN, alongside a weekly editorial, ‘The Letter from Rome’ by Robert Mickens.

LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL will allow new readers around the world to discover La Croix’s core values and unique standpoint: a catholic identity that is open to the world, respect for its readers, resisting media frenzy, with a tireless focus on education, looking for meaning by promoting world-changing people and commitments.

The LA CROIX INTERNATIONAL website and its daily newsletter will be fee-based. The website – using responsive design, accessible on tablets and mobile phones – has a paywall allowing free access to a few articles before inviting readers to buy a yearly subscription ($39.95/year at launch). Visitors to the website can currently sign up for a 14-day free trial period.



Chairman & Publisher : Georges Sanerot
Editor in Chief : Guillaume Goubert
Assistant Editor in Chief : Florence Couret
Deputy CEO : Arnaud Broustet
English Editor : Robert Mickens
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