May 2017

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Laughing, Crying, Praying: Come, O Holy Spirit!

Here is a link to this week's readings. A delightful story from this week involves Pope Francis teasing a nun he has known for years, named Mother Rosangela, in Genoa, Italy. Clearly full of love and friendship, the pope told the...

Be Not Afraid: The Development of Doctrine

Here is a link the this Sunday's readings. Has a particular Bible verse ever spoken so clearly to your heart that you understood exactly why this is called the Word of God? One such verse for me is Mark 5:36. In...

I Know My Sheep and My Sheep Know Me

Here is a link to today's readings. Surveys have shown that three of the biggest influences on discerning a vocation to the priesthood are family support/encouragement, a priest-mentor, and being asked the simple question, “Have you thought about becoming a priest?”...