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Catholic Digest gives you the tools you need to feed your faith life, nurture your relationships, care for your family, and bring the light of Christ to others


Catholic Digest connects with readers through personal stories of triumphs and struggles, joys and challenges, and also the lighter side of Catholic living. It is a source of support and encouragement for those who love their faith, those who struggle with their faith, and those who long to learn more about the richness of Catholic tradition.

Catholic Digest seeks the positive in the world and in our Church. It emphasizes those things that Catholics are doing right and well as a means of inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. It is hope-filled, optimistic, and forward-looking.

The articles move our readers beyond inspiration and toward action, and give Catholics the information, tools, and resources they need to answer God’s call to holiness and bring the light of Christ to others.

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