A deeper experience of the Gospel, the church, and daily life

Leader in the publication of catechetical, pastoral, and spiritual books, and resources

Twenty-Third Publications offers contemporary Catholics a deeper experience of the Gospel and the church in their daily lives by providing practical, pastoral resources (books, booklets, parish programs) that educate and empower parish leaders—catechists, lay ministers, and pastors—and that nourish the spirituality and encourage the faith-lives of all the People of God.

Twenty-Third Publications was founded in 1967, after the conclusion of Vatican Council II, and both its name and mission are inspired by Pope John XXIII and his aggiornamento vision to open the doors and windows of the Church.
Our goal is to produce products for lay people to help them take leadership roles in the Church and the world.

We continue to look for ways to help people learn more about their faith and to take leading roles in their parishes. We continue to encourage parish leaders to expand their ministry efforts to include “all ages and all stages” in the faith formation process. This is our vision and this is the mission to which we are committed.

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