Bayard Announces New Responsibility Structure


BayardWorcester, April 14, 2022 – Jean-Marie Montel, CEO and Directeur General of the Bayard Group, announced today a new organizational structure with several people appointed to leadership roles with new responsibilities. This organizational structure is designed to address key strategic priorities, including the creation and implementation of a refocused Bayard plan for 2022-2025, and help to accomplish three major goals:

  • to prioritize investments that advance growth opportunities, focusing on core markets and core products,
  • to improve efficiencies of our sales systems and the quality of our editorial products so that they better respond to the new expectations of the market following the crises we have just gone through,
  • and to speed up the pace of digital transformation of the entire company.

The new structure consists of an Executive Committee of five persons who will work collectively with the CEO to ensure that the company is operating properly, efficiently and attaining its goals. They will be responsible for the continued development and success of all our wonderful and historic brands, some of which need renewal to better meet new market expectations.

Appointed members of the Executive Committee for Bayard Inc. are:

David Dziena, Vice President of Publishing, Publisher: responsible for editorial content and product development of all brands.

Emmanuelle Beauvillain, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy: responsible for marketing, e-business, and the digital direction of all brands.

Mike Raffio, Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience: responsible for sales and customer relations of all brands.

Frank Ortega, Vice President of Finance and Operations: responsible for implementing budgets, maintaining financial stability, IT and warehouse management.

Trisha Luna, Director of Human Resources: responsible for supporting all departments through personnel management and HR policies that support company priorities.

“I am happy to expand the roles of these leaders who have my full confidence and support as we continue to embrace both the opportunities we find and the challenges we face in our marketplace,” said Jean-Marie Montel. “I look forward to working with the Executive Committee, and with each and every one of our team members, to ensure the success of Bayard Inc. now and for many years into the future.

Jean-Marie Montel
CEO and General Director of Bayard Group


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