Help us celebrate the work of catechists


Help us celebrate the work of catechists: The entire team of folks here at CATECHIST magazine works to recognize and provide resources for catechists. They invite you to nominate a parish catechist or DRE that you know personally for these honors.

All you have to do to nominate someone is to share a story that will recognize his or her contribution to the Church, that will inspire and encourage fellow catechists, and that will attract others to become catechists. Your nomination will help us all celebrate the work of some of the thousands of catechists throughout the land.

Fill out and send the online nomination form today. We will be accepting nominations through May 15, 2015. After all the nominations are in, we will give them to an independent selection committee. That committee will choose a representative number to be shared with the entire CATECHIST magazine readership in our October 2015 issue.

Please take a few minutes to nominate a catechist for The CATECHIST Magazine Honors. Help us share the stories of such courageous and generous people.

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