The Joy of Love: A Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia


Everyone is talking about Pope Francis’ document on family life. But what does it really mean for us?


joyofloveOn April 8, 2016, the Vatican released Pope Francis’ widely anticipated exhortation on the family, Amoris Laetitia, (“The Joy of Love”). The substantial document includes 325 numbered points in nine chapters, and celebrates family life with powerful statements for all Catholics.

The Holy Father points out the need for pastoral leaders to be more understanding and realistic, less “removed from the concrete situations and practical possibilities of real families.” And while calling on all of us to advocate for the strength of marriage and family life, he insists that the faithful are “capable of carrying out their own discernment in complex situations.”

Regarding this document, Pope Francis himself states, “I do not recommend a rushed reading of the text.” In response, Twenty-Third Publications is publishing, The Joy of Love: A Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia. This plain-English study guide makes Pope Francis’ message even more accessible, with summaries of each article and prayerful questions for discussion and reflection that can help each of us apply Francis’ words to our own lives.  Perfect for small groups or individual study, this easy-to-use guide can help all believers understand, celebrate, and live Francis’ message of “the logic of pastoral mercy,” as we discover God’s grace in the many challenges—and yes, even the imperfections— that exist in every family.

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