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They Were All in One Place Together

Here is a link to the readings for this weekend. Pentecost is the feast of unity. It is both historical, as, for example, when the Holy Spirit brought unity of understanding that transcended verbal confusion. It is also eschatological, portending the...

Would They Recognize Us?

Here is a link to this weekend’s readings. Whenever today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles is proclaimed at Mass, I can’t help wondering whether the early followers of The Way would recognize today’s Christians. Let’s take an inventory. “The community...

That They All May Be One

Here is a link to this week's readings. In last week’s blog, I shared Robert Fulghum’s hide-n-seek story and attempted to give one possible explanation for the hiddenness of God. Fulghum, though, does not end with hide-n-seek. He writes, “Better than hide-and-seek,...