God’s Creation Continues

God’s Creation Continues


Below is a short reflection based on today’s reading from Genesis

God saw how good it was. Genesis 1:10
As I pray with the creation story, I am reminded that all of creation is an expression of God’s goodness and love. How differently would I go through my day if I remembered that every person and part of nature vibrate with the goodness of God? When I really tune into this truth, praise and positivity will pervade my attitudes and actions.
Today, the creation story continues—and we are part of it. In the beginning and now, God is intimately involved in the formation of creation. Theologi-ans describe God as the Great Artist who continues to form creation in order to share more goodness and love. God rejoices in the goodness revealed.

God, help me to rejoice with you in the goodness of creation.

Sr. Julia Walsh, F.S.P.A.

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